Digital empowerment is the next call of developing India. With launch of 9 category services, the foundation stone is laid but to empower 1.25 billion citizen’s economy is challenging by itself. The conventional method of prototyping and developing applications fails to comply with expectations of citizens as significant time is consumed in development and final release of application. Digitalizing will be success with quick applications development by speeding the process of requirement gathering, prototyping and reducing the cycles of feature development and verification.

In present market, the burden and dependency to develop enterprise level applications is solely limited with software giants as necessary skills for software development takes years to furnish. With 65% youth, leveraging the simple and smarter cloud computing solutions can solve two fold problems. The digital India will find independency from web of IT giants with cost efficient services. Second, the youth can quick learn the skills of these tools and become self-employed to service the world.

The conventional software development method can be enhanced to optimize resource and time using a cloud based prototype development tool. In this paper, we discuss the prototyping tool Turanto and its capabilities for general class of applications and youth empowerment by using it as a platform.

Skill Development

A bigger part of youth find themselves unfit for IT industry as for agile software engineering, learning a programming language and getting a job in organization is the only practice followed in India. A large number of institutes are running and following this practice blindly. Making the case worse, the language being taught in any institution is obsolete compared to current industry requirements. This propagated a negative wave about IT and youth is refraining from grabbing the opportunities and convert into commercial success. On other hand, cloud computing has emerged exponentially in little span of time just after its launch. The organizations are shifting their process from internal infrastructure to cloud servers and relying on different applications for different services. Thus the cloud has become an open platform for service providers and seekers. The potential of cloud can be exploited and converted into profitable venture by promoting skill development programs and supporting startups.

Turanto in its history of 10 years has 100% client satisfaction in its cloud application service. The prototyping tool is designed to power business analysts and layman to create enterprise compliant application without requirement of coding. The product has mitigated the misconception of programming requirement being a mandatory artifact for commercial success. In today’s fast changing world, knowledge of IT is a must for any entrepreneur. Those with ideas are forced to team up with someone from the programming world – someone who may not be able to match their level of vision and skill. Turanto answers that dilemma for entrepreneurs by giving them a pre-built working platform so they can create their vision without the need to understand programming and begin sharing it with target users.

In parallel, as their vision begins to be reality, they can be building the skills based on the code that Turanto provides, or, by teaming up with someone who just has to modify the created code – and not necessarily start from scratch.

Maximum Governance

With Turanto, government’s policy of entrepreneurship development programs will get a boost as human resources will get direct benefit to learn new technology and implement new ideas to market using Turanto, thus they can support themselves. Through Entrepreneurship development programs women can be trained & they can earn while working from home. Turanto just enables them to deliver at a much higher level and thus providing much more value.

Turanto can be provided to all government school & colleges thus they can learn new technology before they come to professional life. Student or Women can even earn while they learn. For creating application on Turanto they need just a browser.


Self Employment

Turanto is a portal of opportunities as the platform supports significantly wider range of applications. The tool leverages the artistic skills of an individual to understand the business requirements of current industries and create compatible stunning applications. Turanto being evolved as the solution of business needs, empowers the individual with self-employment in mere 3-6 months and start seeking his clients.

Design of Turanto enables the individuals to identify the specific process that has to be automated or tracked. The tool further provides details on security. Turanto provides a backhand code, creates database and deploys them on a pre-specified server, create URL, security complied and handy prototyping without need of infrastructure and programming knowledge. The tool is used for long run as with initial model available, customizing the code for specific requirements significantly clips the time, resources and risks.

turanto benefits

Sharable Private Space on Public Cloud

Turanto is a cloud based application development portal that allows users to save and manage their private data on a public cloud space. The application inherits sufficient security compliance to keep privacy and sharing privileges on same ground. Via application, private cloud space is accessible only via secure login credentials. The application has set of permissions called roles to enable same security permissions to a large number of users.

Services in Real Time from Online and Mobile Platform

Services by Turanto are available simultaneously on both mobile and web browsers. The applications are compatible to run on android mobile 3.0 (Honeycomb) and above. As the application is deployed on cloud, any update in application context will be visible by refreshing the page.

mobile application

Ease of Doing Business

With Software as a Service (SAAS) the cloud services are available on subscription basis for different business engagements. Turanto is a PAAS that creates a software specifically according to the needs of business requirements instead of providing a brittle software availability.

Documents/Certificates availability on cloud

  • Simple Form Interface
  • Workflow States and Buttons
  • Wizard View, full View
  • Documents Upload (Any file)
  • Requires Secure login to access
  • Features available only via specified role
  • OData Services
  • Email Configuration



Digital India campaign is a powerful initiative for maximum governance by digitalizing the process of daily needs. The online subscription of services optimizes the dependency on department bureaucrats and empowers citizens. The combined approach of skill India, make in India and Digital India can upgrade country’s position in different segments of business. Turanto is a platform that leverages the current business needs by mitigating the artifact of developers in initial prototype and model development. The tool develops the skill in individuals to self-employ themselves by exploiting the potentials of cloud. Applications domain of Turanto is diverse in nature and suits well to pillars of Digital India.