By Implementing new techniques for standard programming, now Turanto is a great experience for users. Our developers focus on how to make Turanto more reliable. As on comparison with Salesforce which is market a leader in various aspects, Turanto is not behind as well.
Consistent development for automatic tools to reduce human intervention. For global service expansion, Turanto applications now available with many Languages. Being a cloud development tool Turanto is at par with Salesforce.

FeaturesFeature Comparison ListTurantoSalesforce
RegistrationRegistration Page
Application URLHttps url
Domain name followed by application name
Real time monitoring
Quick tour for how to perform every activity (On request)
App Logo
Public Application
My Teams ApplicationRight now its same as Public Application
As we are creating Organization and users, Organization wise application can be shown here.
Create New ApplicationFrom Scratch
Method: Creating application by database or by Excel sheet
EntityNew Entity from Scratch
Internal Name
Layout 3 column or 2 column
PropertyFor non editable property, lock is displayed
Allow GPS tracking of image property
Create Derived tabs
Allow ranking of records (numbered property)
Create derived property
Most of the other features are available in both
User, Permission – defined from property field also
User wise page design
Business RulesCan define rules while generating properties (Dynamic rules)
Turanto has advance features
Associationsshows relationship diagram ; Creating association is easier in our case
GroupsCan be directly created while creating Property
Set Column layout: one, two, three column or free flow layout
Set Group layout: Panel or accordion
Calculated PropertyDisplay name
Display always (on grid)
Set Calculation: equal, sum, average, max, min, count
Calculate expression: + – x % /
Copy EntityCopy records of one entity to another entity in same application
Dropdown Hierarchy
WorkflowCreate workflow
Create states
Define state transition
Roles and permissions for state transitions
assign workflow to multiple entities
allows your users to request meetings with customers
RolesCreate role for user access
Set PermissionsAssign CRUD permissions on entities for given role
Permissions can be added / edited
Application SecurityAllow multi-tenant security on application (no feature seen in QB)
Code Fragment HooksWrite code for specific operations before, on and after saving of record. Before and on deleting of record.
LaunchYes, but applications are created very fast and on the fly
HTML help guides, search easy
Active directory
3rd party login in
Security Compliance settings
Freeze application
Copy Application
Code Download
From Import Spreadsheet / db (in Turanto we have this separate option, can be merged here)
Feedback form —
Automatic email
Email Authentication
Application name followed by domain name
Sample data insertion in application
Business Apps (public apps or other users app are not displayed only business apps are displayed)
Home PageAfter login page, C38& Suggested Business Apps. In Turanto it tasks one more click to go to My Apps
Home Page UI  – Need improvement in Turanto
Current Application version (Turanto doen’t have it; Its in Knowledge base in QB)
Home page customization – Home page can be customized easily in quickbase, as it contains widgets
Predefine Tabs (Entities)
My ApplicationDisplay – Both Detail view & List view in Icon view in QB; Only List view in Turanto
On creating new application, help is displayed on left side, similar it should be shown in My Apps
Options to select Business apps should also be displayed as in QB
Advance search – In Turanto it doesn’t search all fields/ columns
Business ApplicationTuranto can create business applications as per this feature (with sample data)
From Business Application
New Entity Using connected data (from other services, CSV file or from sample data)
Entity Icon selection, if we give name then suggested icon also appears
Database setting of Entity can be done from here
Import / Move Entity in an application from other application
Map besides address property
Call data from another property
Property Icon selection, if we give name then suggested icon also appears
Preview button – how groups and property will look in actual application
Bring one application entity in to another application entity
Copy PropertyBring one application Property as another application property (from external services or from sample data)
Can Select the deployment status in salesforce
ForumForum Available
DatabaseTuranto – need database access separately
AlertsNew update alerts are popped up
HelpIn quickbase, user can create & upload custom help guides for the particular application
Print Optionreport / graph print
Customize icons for entities ( various icons are avaialable) as well as properties
Last visit details of user
Chat Option – 24X7 chat option available as per website for product queries
Report SectionQB has their own report / charts, Turanto is using SSRS
Summary for account, all details of apps, Groups, Permissions & Org Users access managed at one place; Monthly /yearly option
Performance checkApplication performance & Network performance can be check from add on in application settings only
App statisticsAccount details, files data size, application size, no of users..etc
Entity Page – It contains 3 columns
All major association Properties are similar
Special case for date calculations
Secrity ControlHealth Check up for Login Trusted IP and other settings
Advance Password Policies
Help for particular page and Help for overall salesforce
Personal Settings / My PreferencesUser can set or change his preferences
User Information (first name, email, change pwd…etc)
My Settings in SalesforceLanguage and Time Zone Change ( can be changed)
Grant Access – to support and Admin on Customized Time Duration
Security Token at Every Time Log in from New IP
Login History For Past Six months with Time, Location, IP ( For limited Time in Turanto)
Advance User Detail ( All info In Single Page ) Apps, History , Work, profile
Customize Pages
Can See social profiles for accounts, contacts, leads, and person accounts—directly in Salesforce
Activity Reminder
Outlook Configuration
Offline Work when no internet is available ( Mobile )
Recycle BinRecords can be deleted and restored
My ProfileNews Feed
Upload Files, Share Post , Like,Comment and Create Groups  for Social Connection
ChatterSocial Network Group within Salesforce
Other featuresCustomize pages – Layout change from top to side way
Applications Work OfflineAuto-updated on connection to  Internet
News feedLet other users know your work and ask for suggestions
Set user storage space
Document SharingSharing documents to users working on Same Process
FontChange Font size
CloneIf you want to make changes to an existing process, save a clone of that process
Login PageTheme can be change
Login from same account on other systems at single time is enabled and disabled
EmailMass Email with pre define various templates for error, support, marketing and  other message
RoleHierarchy View  as tree and detail view
Security ControlSet the session security and session expiration timeout for your organization.
Reporting SnapshotsReporting snapshots allow you to load data from a custom report to a custom object on a regularly scheduled basis
Mass Transfer RecordsTransfer records from one user to another When you are admin
Salesforce CRM Call CenterEmbed a Soft Phone within
Live ChatChat solution can be setup with salesforce