Release Version



Turanto 6.4

February 12, 2014

Turanto Web Enhancement

  • Facade Search (Beta Release): Now User can select facade search for an entity. By default icon is not selected. Selecting icon will enable facade search on generated application.

Generated Web Enhancement & Features

  • Wizard: Color Indicator in wizard is working for all conditions (inline, inline inside inline etc.)
  • Corrected validation message for associations & rules.
  • Indicators removed for 1:M associations.
  • Now line-break and help text are showing in wizard pages.
  • Workflow: Changed date format on the workflow chevron states to MM/DD/YY
  • SMTP password encrypted under admin page.
  • Set Default Value: Entity default value is separated from Set entity image. Now separate link shows under admin page.
  • Email Campaign: GUI improved for email campaign. Now bulk email ids are sending through BCC.
  • Facade Search (Beta): Facade search is a new user friendly interface for searching record in better manner. You can filter records based on associations only. Currently associated records limited to 15.
Turanto 6.3

January 17, 2014

Turanto Web Enhancement

User Defined Application URL (URL Mapping): User can define multiple URLs for a single application using create URL feature from Turanto home page.

  • User can give a new name. And new virtual directory will be created on IIS
  • User can select the already available hosted application from dropdown to which you point to your URL.
  •  It will show only those hosted application which are created by logged in user and already launched and hosted on IIS
  •  Application will display all information about the model once application is selected. So that user can confirm whether he/she is selecting the right one or not.
  • Logged in user can see all created URLs on grid. And also can edit or delete URLs.

Requirement Document: Now user can generate requirement doc with all latest features. Following missing features will be dynamically generated from document.

  • Required information for property and associations
  • Entity display on tab
  • Display group information
  • Rules Information
  • Display on Grid for associations and properties.
  • Default entity associations
  • All the application roles.
  • All the workflows and their states.

Generated Web Enhancement & Features

  • Workflow Security Setting: User interface changed from accordion to tabs.
  • Wizard: Yellow color removed from wizard. Green indication shows done with all fields and red means incomplete.
  • Wizard: Rules validation message will show entity name.

Mobile Enhancement & Features

  • Entity Level Permission: Add/Edit/View permission applies on mobile applications.
  • Field Level Security: Now field level security applies on mobile. Fields with “No View” will not display on mobile screen. And field with “No edit” will show as label on mobile screen.

If logged in user does not have admin privileges then admin link will not display.