Release Version



Turanto 12.3.3December 15, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Dashboard for interactive home page.
  • Quick edit feature on list page of entity
  • Default entities on role-permission page are moved to bottom.
  • Bug fixes related to calculated property, multi line text box, threshold feature, accordion collapse button, group tab, many to many association
Turanto App-Generator
  • Create new application redirects to another page
  • Templates of generated applications to choose from
  • Add entity popup automatically opens if no entity is present in application (Also in blank template)
  • All popups are movable (drag and drop)
  • Searching, Pagination and Filter (My App, Team App, Public App)
  • Many to Many association in application security
  • View Log Event in Advanced Features
  • Bug fixes related to validation rules, add entity, calculated property.
Turanto 12.3.2November 23, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Add existing records in 1:M association
  • Bug fix of records sorting if drop down, faceted search contains more than 10 records
Turanto App-Generator
  • Application Context Code clean up
  • Some minor changes in Code Hooks for validation, alert messages
  • Bug fixes related to Many to Many association find matching error, Code Hooks, Email notification in business rules, UI
Turanto 12.3.1November 20, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Image gallery on view page
  • Notification to users of roles in business rule
  • Bug fixes in File datatype security, UI
Turanto App-Generator
  • Code Prefix- Required if internal names are used in application
  • Code Fragment Hooks- Add .Net code option for developers.
  • Radio button available along with drop down
  • Verb buttons categorized as single and bulk action buttons
  • Association displays source name as current entity name
  • Bugs related to- Dependent Drop down Hierarchy, Association display type, Property update, workflow error, GPS
Turanto 12.3October 5, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Count records in 1:M association
  • Bulk update feature to update multiple records in one go.
  • Home page layout updated
  • Radio buttons added in application
  • Business rule edit page updated
  • Bugs resolved related to- Filter drop down, M:M association, Self-association name, name of bulk actions on grid page,
Turanto App-Generator
  • Threshold value limitation: Option to limit no. of records for a 1:M association
  • Some bug fixes related to workflow
Turanto 12.2October 5, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Find Match buttons shows on both sides of entities if they are related to some common entity
  • Faceted search for M.M associations
  • User Owner based security
  • Each column of role permission’s has separate select all button
  • Now you can limit the data in 1:M Association
  • Some bug fixes related to business rule
Turanto App-Generator
  • Application Model Layout Change shows detailed page view of entity as in generated application
  • All entities on left pane of page (Tabbed and not-tabbed)
  • Tabbed entities have drag and drop to rearrange display order
  • Not tabbed entities in alphabetical order
  • Adjectives/properties on right pane of page
  • Validation rules available in property menu.
  • Advanced settings of application have workflow, roles, permissions, association list, app settings etc.
  • Delimiter can be selected as per choice. (Earlier it was hard coded ‘-‘
  • The properties can be made hidden.
Turanto 12.0
September 11, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Entities in ‘More’ section have description and search button.
  • Action button and Action list at bottom of edit page.
  • Some bug fixes related to import excel, bulk delete, business rule, checkbox list UI
Turanto App-Generator
  • A button added for Reverse hierarchy in Dependent Drop down (Address –> country, state, city (you can use this hierarchy as forward or reverse). But while defining reverse you have to define in country->state->city in order not city->state->country, i.e. use it like previous way just use checkbox to make it reverse.).
  • Bug fix in import model (entity sorting)
Turanto 11.6August 12, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Application feedback on right click (anywhere in application)
  • Drop downs can now be filtered in generated application using business rule.
  • 1:1 associations are visible bi-directional (Just for visibility, they cannot be used for create update etc.)
  • Dynamic role in admin section. This feature allows role assignment based on value in property of person entity.
  • Import excel: The existing values in associated entities can be mapped by selecting property name.
  • Bug fixes related to display value, multi line text view in quick add, hosting entity name in 1:M association, theme saving
  • UI improvement in checkbox list view (on grid), drop down list, highlight on active text box, import-export icons
Turanto App-Generator
  • Calculated Property is added to do mathematical operations in application.
  • Copy entity feature maps the record of one entity to another.
  • Bug fixes related to workflow property
  • OData service option enabled on launch page
  • Default Sort option of records (ascending/descending) on update page of entity
Turanto 11.4
June 17, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Options to copy records of entity is available on Detailed Page to copy record and on Grid page to import record.
  • Keyboard selection in mobile device according to datatype.
  • Email and dial phone number service in mobile device.
  • Multiple role features for related users.
  • Bug fix related to user based security and Business Rule
  • Import data from CSV and ALL files.
  • Make separate upload page
  • Save column mapping in import configuration (It saves all the column mapping when you import data from import option).
  • Save Search (Add to Favorites)
  • Save Faceted Search & Favorite Item
  • Grid Page buttons UI improved for better access
Turanto App-Generator
  • Bug fixes in workflow
Turanto 11.2
May 15, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Theme has updated functionality with more vivid themes options.
  • Hierarchical tree security available on self-association of users.
  • Bug fixes in workflow. Application data does not get deleted on creating/updating workflow.
  • Bug fixes in display value search, import excel functionality, mobile UI
  • Image saved as byte opens in popup window
Turanto App-Generator
  • User Guides and SRS document can be downloaded from Export Code section.
Turanto 11.0 May 01, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Theme option in admin section to change color settings of application.
  • Minor Bug fixed related to Document Security
Turanto App-Generator
  • Some Bug Fixes related to association, import model, search, workflow, date box, set options in properties
  • Never option removed from ‘Display Condition’
  • Automatic Tab order increment in entity
  • Automatic display order in properties/associations
  • Now property name cannot be same as entity name
  • If Display Condition is set as Details only, the property cannot be mandatory.
Turanto 10.8April 15, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Minor bug fix in Search key
  • Application data will be lost if any change is workflow is made
  • On Re-launch, user based security automatically resets itself
  • New GUI for Many to Many Association (also on mobile)
  • Search Button on Home Page for each entity separately
  • If user edits in target entity of one to many association, the drop down of target entity is not visible
  • Exporting to XML now includes all the properties
  • The associated (1:M) properties can now be added from index page using ‘Action’ button of record
Turanto App-Generator
  • Generate Document from Turanto
  • User of Turanto is by-default admin of Gen-apps
  • Some Bug fixes related to AD Authentication, Grouping when Importing Model, Publishing Solutions
Turanto 10.6March 27, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Turanto application can now be launched as android APK
  • New Improved registration page with Captcha
Turanto App-Generator
  • Unique Property feature included
Turanto 10.5 March 18, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • In Many to Many Association, you can select multiple entities at a time (selection box).
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Admin can enable/disable OData services for access
  • Remember Last Page in Index: User will be redirected to previous page instead of very beginning of list (of records)
  • Database now stores actual file size.
Turanto App-Generator
  • Create URL Feature Activated
  • Import DB Feature Activated
Turanto 10.4March 05, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • In dropdown if list is longer than 10, ‘others’ button populates complete list
  • Some Bug Fixes
Turanto App-Generator
  • File/Byte Option for Image/Document Property
  • Force Launch feature added
  • Inline Association feature added
Turanto 10.3February 26, 2015Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Document Security
  • Bug Fix: Association Edit, Column Count and Entity/Property Layout
Turanto App-Generator
  • Application Security Feature Incorporated
  • Import Model (With/Without DB)

Classic Version
Release Notes Turanto 6.3
Turanto Web Enhancement

  1. User Defined Application URL(Url Mapping): User can define multiple urls for an single application using create URL  feature from Turanto home page.
  • User can give a new name. And new virtual directory will be created on IIS
  • User can select the already available hosted application from dropdown to which you point to your Url.
  •  It will show only those hosted application which are created by logged in user and already launched and hosted on IIS
  •  Application will display all information about the model once application is selected. So that user can confirm whether he/she is selecting the right one or not.
  • Logged in user can see all created urls on grid. And also can edit or delete urls.
  1. Requirement Document: Now user can generate requirement doc with all latest features. Following missing features will be dynamically generated from document.
  • Required information for property and associations
  • Entity display on tab
  • Display group information
  • Rules Information
  • Display on Grid for associations and properties.
  • Default entity associations
  • All the application roles.
  • All the workflows and their states.

Generated Web Enhancement & Features

  1. Workflow Security Setting : User interface changed from accordion to tabs.
  2. Wizard: Yellow color removed from wizard. Green indication shows done with all fields and red means incomplete.
  3. Wizard: Rules validation message will show entity name.

Mobile Enhancement & Features

  1. Entity Level Permission: Add/Edit/View permission applies on mobile applications.
  2. Field Level Security : Now field level security applies on mobile. Fields with “NoView” will not display on mobile screen. And field with “No edit” will show as label on mobile screen.
  3. If logged in user does not have admin privileges then admin link will not display.

Release Notes Turanto 6.4
Turanto Web Enhancement

  1. Facade Search (Beta Release): Now User can select facade search for an entity. By default icon is not selected. Selecting icon will enable facade search on generated application.

Generated Web Enhancement & Features

  1. Wizard: Color Indicator in wizard is working for all conditions (inline, inline inside inline etc.)
  • Corrected validation message for associations & rules.
  • Indicators removed for 1:M associations.
  • Now line-break and help text are showing in wizard pages.
  1. Workflow: Changed date format on the workflow chevron states to MM/DD/YY
  2. SMTP password encrypted under admin page.
  3. Set Default Value: Entity default value is separated from Set entity image. Now separate link shows under admin page.
  4. Email Campaign: GUI improved for email campaign. Now bulk email ids are sending through BCC.
  5. Facade Search (Beta): Facade search is a new user friendly interface for searching record in better manner. You can filter records based on associations only. Currently associated records limited to 15.