Turanto 13.3.4 Dec 03, 2018Turanto App-Generator: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Add search features and Bulk option on Change Data entity grid.
  • Enable transfer of business rules across all deployments. Import/ Export JSON file.
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Quick Add Issue for inline association and 1.1 association (if attached to multiple entities and association hidden from grid).
  • If Copy Entity is used with Set Value business rule and 1M inline association properties gives exception.
  • Sync Data: Boolean property and the date is not working properly in sync data.
  • In case of 1M inline association, on updating a record doesn’t show current value.
  • Reword ‘Enable Prototyping Tool’ config setting in Generated App to be ‘Enable Feedback’.
  • Sync Data: Show the labels for tbl_ChangeData. Type for each group in the Sync Data Preview Page.
  • Custom Code Before-Save not called with grid edit.
Turanto 13.3.3 Nov 26, 2018Turanto App-Generator: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Formatting and proper indentation of generated application code.
  • NuGet package updates and Third-Party Licensing document update.
  • Web-API for Verbs.
  • Inline display for M.1 association.
  • .NET Framework version updated to 4.5.1.
  • M.1 and 1.M associations have option to display source/target as Inline.
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • M.M Full add for target entity with self-association.
  • Remove user name and password from connection string, app running with App Pool Identity User credentials.
  • Insecure context block for non-Https contents on create.turanto.com and turanto.com.
  • Record count on Tab not updated when record(s) deleted.
  • Sync data related changes, performance improvement and bug fixes.
  • Copy Entity popup does not close on click of X button.
  • Third-Party license document updated for Turanto.
  • In-line grid edit Save/Cancel button UI improved, selected row highlighted..
Turanto 13.3.2 Nov 12, 2018Turanto App-Generator: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Add Web Hook (Invoke REST API) as a backhand action to Business Rule.
  • Package update and assembly conflicts.
  • Hide user credential in web.config connection string in downloaded code.
  • Instructions are not showing properly in Turanto.
  • External Entities are marked as ‘External’ in Turanto model.
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Error while installing new NuGet package in Generated Application.
  • User based security bug.
  • External Entity launch error when connected with User, Marked as Person or having M.M associations.
  • More than one chevron (M.1) associations in one entity crashes entity Details and Edit page.
  • Editing normal property to DB encrypt property does not work.
  • Disable Grid Edit for Link To or any hyperlink on grid cell grid.
  • Date only field not validating June 31 date.
Turanto 13.3.1 Oct 29, 2018Turanto App-Generator: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Last launch date showing 9999 year if not launched.
  • App crashes if URL type property changed to other data type.
  • By default, ‘Gallery’, ‘List’ and ‘Show/Hide Columns’ options will be unchecked for new Entity
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Sync data related changes for performance.
  • Lazy loading ‘.Include’ removed from Index/SeFSearch for performance and Stack Overflow exceptions.
  • Large model launch issue.
  • Razor Generator package update for performance and compile time improvements.
  • Rest API (External Entity) bug fixes.
Turanto 13.2.9 Oct 12, 2018Turanto App-Generator: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • All turanto.com resources using HTTPS
  • External Entity (Rest/WEB API changes)
  • Launch with multiple servers (Load balancing with race condition and server availability fixes)
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Add .gitignore file in solution folder.
  • Set value business rule issues.
  • Modify faceted search screen showing blank dropdowns.
  • Javascript error due to InternalUseOnly attribute on Faceted search.
  • Api Help renamed as Web and made it permission based.
  • InternalUseOnly issues on Edit and Create page (crashing business rules).
  • Calculated and derived property issues with date time (app crashes)
  • Performance improvement of Edit/Create page after validation fails. (LoadViewData method changes)
  • Blank model files generated inside App_data folder even if there is no change in model.
  • External Entity (Rest API) – Compilation error, reading complex json data (with defining root not), Passing http headers in rest call, m.1 and 1.m issues, Mapping ID (primary key) column with a number data value in json, https web request, PUT and POST issues.
  • Web API Help (Web Client) page cleaning and bug fixes.
  • CustomLoadViewDataListBeforeEdit custom code generated even if not selected on launch page.
  • Custom Code selection UI and SelectAll checkbox.
  • Kanban related bug fixes.
  • Left menu item “More” not working.
  • Timezone dropdown issue (creating duplicate associations in model)
  • Hovering image property on list/edit/details page.
Turanto 13.2.8  Oct 01, 2018Turanto App-Generator: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Launch on multiple compile servers.
  • Turanto Model – Association, enable ‘KanBan View’ option.
  • Do not email password with new user registration.
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Kanban view with drag and drop functionality. Global and search within the columns and query on the grid. Add record in a column. (New Feature)
  • M.1 permission view only not forwarded on grid.
  • Create user hangs screen on windows authentication for non-admin user.
  • Business rule related bug fixes.
  • Copy entity related bug fixes.
  • Print feature. (screen in printable format) (New Feature)
  • Set Entity default page re-design.
  • Third party license document integration.
  • Favorite, Report user icons UI on master layout.
Turanto 13.2.7  Sep 18, 2018Turanto App-Generator: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Search box is misaligned.
  • New custom code should be default included.
  • Bulk update button and check box column issues.
  • Copy Entity related bug fixes.
  • Quick Associate M.M association screen UI.
  • Auto property, do not update if already exist on record update, on create/update check for duplicate.
  • Do not show Add help in admin section if no permission.
  • M.M relations CheckBoxList/MultiSelectDD not showing on grid.
  • Calendar and Master Schedule shows blank dropdown if there is no view permission.
  • Import model copy entity and Instruction Labels issues.
Turanto 13.2.6  Sep 11, 2018Turanto App-Generator: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Submit(Save) button not disabled on form post. User can do multiple click and app creates duplicate records.
  • Duplicate entries in journal table on entity update.
  • “Create Quick” Pop up does not load when target entity does not have CreateQuick option selected in model on bridge table. If target entity does not have CreateQuick option selected then button will not display.
  • MM permission issue on add and edit page (can add, can edit).
  • Windows Authentication role selection bug fix.
  • New option in Gen App Admin > Application Setting to disable prompt for role selection.
  • M.1 Chevron does show up on update. (e.g. Status Chevron)
  • InbuiltTablesChanges.sql model script changes for insert values.
  • Entity UI Label Mapping, Files lost on model import.
  • Inline Association permission “No Edit” does not work if target entity has Edit permission. E.g. Person – Address (1.1 Inline): user has permission to edit address but “NO EDIT” field level security for PersonAddressAssociation field.
  • Copy entity related bug fixes.
Turanto 13.2.5  Sep 7, 2018Turanto App-Generator: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Application compile page UI improvement with more information.
  • Turanto login page navigation links (terms and conditions, register etc.)
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
    • Memory Leak related fixes.
    • Copy Entity. Enhancement and bug fixes
    • Admin password of Generated App. Enhancement
      • User in SUPERADMIN role can lock/unlock any user including himself.
      • SUPERADMIN user can lock himself only when there are more than one unlocked users exist in SUPERADMIN role.
      • SUPERADMIN can change the pwd.
      • SUPERADMIN can change the default email id to recover pwd.
    • Excel import issue when some row is invalid. Bug Fix
    • Encryption/Decryption of property other than string data type. Enhancement
    • Bulk Update. Bug Fix
    • Press Tab to next control after dropdown controls does not work.
    • Business Rule – Bug Fix
      • Radio button association value does not work in rule condition.
      • Server error when using property of String type in condition as an integer.
      • Mandatory and Readonly rules not working.
  • UI Improvements
    • Master Schedule UI improvement. Does not show properly when too may rows.
    • Letter color of Favorite name is white while creating.
Turanto 13.2.4  Aug 10, 2018Turanto App-Generator: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  •  Download code screen UI.
  • Grammatical mistake corrected – Added ‘s’ in ‘All Application’ in Turanto.
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • User Guide – old images replaced.
  • Report and role assignment issue.
  • Tenant specific partial admin can edit/delete global roles.
  • One-time meeting cannot be created and not showing in calendar.
  • Add dropdown showing even if user doesn’t have permission to add.
  • Not all custom faceted searches are showing.
  • Changing string to text datatype on relaunch doesn’t change char length in database.
  • Last logged in information from Home is removed when using AD authentication.
  • Copy Entity related improvements.
  • Templating Library (New Feature)
  • Side bar not showing all entities if number of tabbed entities are more.
  • Role list should be ordered alphabetically everywhere e.g. selecting role(s) after login.
  • Show Turanto version used for last launch.
  • Encrypted type property not working properly when set as display value. And other related bug fixes.
  • Web Mobile view is distorted.
  • Some more memory Leak and performance related fixes.
Turanto 13.2.3  July 27, 2018Turanto App-Generator: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  •  Launch page UI improved.
    • Add ‘Next Button’

  • “Clean Launch” move to “Launch Target” tab
  • Name change “Launch Summary” to “Summary”
  • Rocket icon in summary tab – in orange color

  • Add “Launch button” in summary tab

  • Grammatical mistake corrected – Added ‘s’ in ‘All Application’ in Turanto.
Turanto Gen-Apps: Bug Fixes
  • Application crashes in a special condition of copy entity feature.
  • Time Slot view for Hosting Entity issue. Multiselect dropdown doesn’t turn back to ‘All’ after de-selecting all options.
  • Some memory Leak and performance related fixes.
Turanto 13.2.2  July 25, 2018Turanto App-Generator: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Last launched time in Turanto grid not correct.
  • Launch queue footer UI issue. ​

Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Memory Leak related fixes.
  • Changing property datatype from string to a text should cause the length of the column to change in database.
  • Date and Time not completely visible.
  • UI improvements.
    • Date time is not completely visible in faceted search screen.                  
    • In default view the favorites star should change to black on hover

  • Business Rule page allignment change (email section)

  • Copy Entity inline association will also get copied.
  • ‘Add’ empty dropmenu button showing even if user has no right to add record.
Turanto 13.2.1July 13, 2018Turanto App-Generator: New Features
  • Add an option in the modeler to allow the user to choose the default home page.
  • Implement user-registration and forgot password.
    • New Login Page

  • User Registration Page

  • Forgot Password Page

  • Turanto performance improvement.
Turanto App-Generator: Bug Fixes
  • Launch performance improvement.
    • Files(views) which are not used in application for an entity are not generated.
    • Cleaned up Base Folders and solution.
    • Some Turanto API changes to retrieve data fast for app generation.
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Enhancement in ReportViewer and ReportViewer package updated to version 14.
  • Audit Log for Report.
  • Role indication on top (black-bar) in generated application.
  • Faceted Search related fixes.
  • Cannot change label settings after deployment (ResourceFiles folder missing)
  • Turanto Model roles and permission not created in GenApp.
  • M.M CheckBoxList Permission. No way to hide/disable checkboxlist through permission.
  • Cancel Button of Change Layout and Theme redirecting to wrong url.
  • Removed unnecessary files from views folder. Solution size is decreased and does not contain unwanted cshtml pages.
  • Meeting events not deleted in some cases. (Calendar feature)
  • Email entity – issue in sending bulk emails after deployment.
Turanto 13.1.9  June 29, 2018Turanto App-Generator: New Features
  • Turanto new user experience critical bug fixes and modelling performance improvement.

  • Clean Launch check box next to launch button to launch already launched application as a fresh application (blank database and application settings). It is as good as renaming and launching the existing application.
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Turn off Entity Framework Database initializer.
  • Calculated property bug – Expression with constant with source property as datetime.
  • Color templates for new and old layout(theme) changed after merging views and viewsdefault.
  • Inline GridEdit bug fixes.
  • Company profile – no way to edit footer details in new theme.
  • Saved Query (Faceted search) bug fixes.
Turanto 13.1.8 June 20, 2018Turanto App-Generator: New Features
  • New Turanto UI and new user experience. Look and Feel, Usability improved, easy to use to create model for new Turanto users. Help text and labels changed for clarity.
  • M.M CheckBoxList and MultiSelectDropdown UI options can be used inside group with display order.
  • Mandatory properties or associations now can be marked as ‘Details-Only’, they will not be shown on grid but will be used in quick-edit and quick-add in generated application.
  • User can attach code-file for workflow project also, In turanto model user can select the project where he/she wants to attach the file.
Turanto Gen-Apps: New Features
  • Inline Editable grid.
    • First click on any cell will turn the row in editable mode.
    • Action button will get changed to Save and Cancel.
    •  Changing value in any cell and moving to any other cell will change the color of label. (dirty cell)
    • Shift and Shift-Tab can be used to move to next or move to previous.
    •  Enter on Text box will Save the data. (in case of multiline text box you can use Shift-Enter)
    • Esc key on any control will cancel the event and row will changed to default one.
    •  If there is any cell which cannot be edited (due to FLS or read-only business rule) then click/shift will open the next allowed control.
    • Calculated/Derived Properties which are by default non-editable will be by passed on tab/shift-tab.
  • Combining Views and ViewsDefault folder. Removed redundant generation of cshtml views for two different layouts/themes. It will improve launch performance, reduce the size of solution and compilation will be faster.
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Show pagination on top and bottom of grid.
  • Xamarin and Mobile application related bug fixes. (app not launched after selecting these options in certain cases)
  • ReportController – Dispose objects after use. (SSRS report performance)
  • Soft-Delete default set to false for new application. (admin can change for app setting)
  • Derived association – changing dropdown value not reflecting change in dependent property on UI.
  • Business Rule bug fixes. (Set value, email notification etc., clear date field, error message)
  • Automatically create default section for Entity Home Page.
  • Document with User-Based-Security filter not accessible in any case.
  • Hide save query button if user doesn’t have permission to save query.
  • Entity/Property Help related bugs.
13.1.7 May 28, 2018
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • Business rule (Set value) bug fix.
  • Bridge Entity, bulk operation bug fix. (showing two columns and bulk action buttons)
  • Field Level security UI color bug fix.
  • Bug fix for Saved Faceted Search (Error in editing saved searches).
Turanto 13.1.6  May 25, 2018Turanto Gen-Apps: New Features
  • App_Data\SQLScript folder contains 3 SQL script files. Files can be download from Admin Section of Generated Application also. It can be used on deploying application on client server. This feature will provide better way to create SSRS reports and DB Security.
  • InbuiltTablesChanges.sql contains script for changes in internal tables.
  • CreateFunctions.sql/TenantFunctions.sql contains script to create functions for each entity based on parameter TenandId and IsDeleted.
  • TenantSchemaAndViews.sql contains script to create views for each table it uses functions created by TenantFunctions.sql. It also creates database schema and views for each tenant.
  • Admin Section – ‘Create User’ will have option to select Tenant of the User (If Tenant Security is applied on application)
Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes
  • SyncData should respect Tenant of ChangeData value while importing Data.
  • Layout of Inline association disturbs on Create and Edit pages.
  • Error saving data when Business rule read-only is applied on Currency type property.
  • Bulk Update in case of some invalid data, it stops the bulk-update process from where it gets the first invalid data.
  • Journal Entry should not be created for unsaved/uncommitted data (invalid data) .
  • Entity Home page – Enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Business rule – Hide groups (bug)
  • Copy and Paste issue.
  • Non-Localized date time property related issues.
  • Inline cell edit issue – Readonly properties should not be opened for editing.
Turanto 13.1.5 May 14, 2018Turanto Gen-Apps: New Features
  • Bridge entity – no way to perform bulk operations.
  • Bridge entity – restore/purge selected items.
  • Non-Localized date time.
  • Option in Turanto to select Grid-Edit or Popup.
  • Entity Home page (Entity/Group/Property) help, can be set in Generated application, help text will be visible in create/edit/details view. User can set the default page for entity as Entity home page.
Turanto Gen-Apps: Bug Fixes
  • Don’t log full credentials during report error.
  • Query and Saved queries in bridge entity.
  • Search Text box is too small (UI)
  • Soft Delete issues in Restore.
  • Business rules sending two emails.
  • Sync data – Grey out import button.
  • Inline grid edits – loose query (faceted search) after updating a field.
  • Inline grid edits – Dropdown issues (not closed on blur, select same item, edit last row of grid.
  • Calendar/Master Schedule related issues.
Turanto 13.1.4 May 03, 2018Turanto App-Generator: Bug Fixes
    • Remove launch button from launch tab.
  • 1.M History (Show Current) not showing on other side for M.1.​
Turanto Gen-Apps: Bug Fixes
    • Journal Entry Search and sort issue after filter by Entity Name
    • Soft-Delete related bug fixes. (e.g. Business rule and alert messages on restoring archived data).
    • Unable to paste strings into application property fields when using IE.
    • More button entities not showing correctly (UI), Left Menu bar (tabbed entities)
  • Sync Data related issues.
Turanto Gen-Apps: New Features
  • Journal Entry – Faceted Search (Query), Saved query, Show/Hide columns.
  • Track source of change in Journal Entry.

  • Soft Delete enable/disable in Generated App Admin > Configuration Setting:

  • When viewing(edit/details) an archived record, Message will be displayed to user that he/she is working on archived record.
  • Business Rule for archived record, “Is-Deleted” flag can be used in business rule.
  • Grouping of buttons on Grid (UI).
Turanto 13.1.3April 19, 2018Turanto App-Generator: New Features
    • Soft Delete (records not actually deleted but archived), user having permission can restore/purge the archived records. Entity table will capture the date deleted also. (later can be used for scheduled purge).
      • All entities of model will have this feature enabled by default.
      • Delete will not permanently delete the record(s) from database table, it will be marked as deleted.
      • Deleted records (Recycle Bin) have options to restore or purge (permanently delete).
      • Role based permission on Recycle action.
      • Journal entry captures soft-delete and restore. In case of restore Is-Deleted flag will be reset.
    • Entity Recycle Bin (on grid) and Application Recycle Bin inside admin section available.
  • Recycle Bin has Query/Saved Query/Filter/Search and Sort features.
    • On entity grid (Inside tool menu), option to check Recycle Bin for the entity (will be visible if user has permission)
    • Admin section which will show you all entities archived information along with data count. You can review/restore/purge for individual entity.
    • You can also purge all (empty recycle bin) for all entities.
    • Query/Saved Query/Search/Sort works on Recycle view for entity. You can either purge/restore selected data or all data.
    • Unique constraint works and data do not compare with archived records. You cannot restore a record if it violates unique constraint, either you have to edit archived or normal record.
    • Permission to use Recycle Bin on an entity:

  • Recycle Bin option inside Tools menu on Grid for an entity:

  • Recycle Bin of an entity, with support of Query/Saved Query/Search/Sort:

  • Admin Section – Recycle Bin of Application (all entities):

  • Application Recycle Bin – shows number of archived records with entity name, user can purge/restore/view selected entity archived records or user can Purge all deleted data of application:

  • How Cascade delete works for restore and purge. (in case of mandatory associations) àConsider Scenario: Order – Order Lines (1.m) Mandatory
    • Deleting an order deletes all Order Lines associated with it (both moved to recycle bin)
    • Restore:
      • Order Restored: It does not restore connected orderliness. We have to manually restore/purge them.
      • Order Lines Restored: It shows order as empty.
    • Purge:
      • Order Purged:  App will not allow to purge Order if Order Lines exist in recycle or in main.
      • Order Lines Purged: No issue.
    • In case of non-mandatory association there will not be any issue.
  • Unique constraints, business rules and journaling will work for soft delete.
  • Workflow connection string changes (removed everything for web.config for workflow setting). Made it compatible for azure encrypted connection string.
  • You can change workflow states using inline edit.
  • Workflow state change from Grid (Inline cell edit – double click)

  • Quick Search on top of grid. It will work inside tab (hosting entity) also.

Turanto Gen-Apps: Bug Fixes
    • e-Commerce subsystem issues.
    • Journal entry issue. (group by entityname)
    • SMTP anonymous authentication issue.
    • Inline edit dropdown disturbs UI if grid has too many columns.
    • Bulk Email feature – error when tenant is not available.
    • Business rule bug fixes.
  • Sync data related issues:
      • Sync data to respects unique validation condition set in Regnoepi field
      • SQL Jobs enabled can create a record without a mandatory dropdown and text field
    • Export to excel option be available in Change table ​
Turanto 13.1.2 April 6, 2018Turanto Gen-Apps
  • New Feature: Inline grid cell edit. Double click on cell to edit the value from index page of entity. The feature is available when quick edit option is disabled for the entity.
  • New Feature: Save query in faceted search. Now the faceted search query can be saved and accessed from the grid/index page. All the users in the same role can see and run the query from index page of entity.
  • Feature Enhancement: When a radio button is mandatory, ‘None’ value will not display.
  • Bug Fix: Some issues in Bulk email under admin section.
Turanto 13.1.1 March 29, 2018Turanto Gen-Apps
  • New Feature: Change theme from admin section. The applications has new theme aplied by default. Administrator can change the theme using ‘Theme/Layout’ option.
  • New Feature: Maintenance mode is now available. The roles that do not have permission will see alert message upon login. The roles which has access to use application in maintenance mode will be able to use application.
  • New Feature: Administrator can send email to users. The permission to send email can be given to any role who has access to admin area.
  • Feature Enhancement: Report User Assignment privilege can be given to any role from admin section.
  • Feature Enhancement: Dropdown will now first show exact match; then order by length and then by display value.
  • Feature Enhancement: Company Profile – SMTP setting, introduced anonymous checkbox. And SMTP User textbox will be used for outgoing email in both the cases. If it is anonymous then default credentials will be used.
  • Feature Enhancement: SSN, Phone number and zip-code can be searched without using special characters.
  • Feature Enhancement: Appended current date time stamp when SSRS report is downloaded in PDF/XLS format.
  • Bug Fix: Business rules were not working in wizard pages.
  • Bug Fix: Some bugs related to journal entry, data save issue when history is enabled in 1:M association, dropdown of inline association, report scoll bar issues, mandatory association, themes related issues.
  • Bug Fix: Cancel button was not appearing in edit page.
  • Bug Fix: 1:M (with current) was showing on grid page even when the fields were empty.
  • Bug Fix: Business rule for boolean property was not working.
  • Bug Fix: Date time in 24 hours was not properly showing up at various places
  • Bug Fix: Sorting emails from new to old didn’t show first email in list.
Turanto App-Generator
    • Feature Enhancement: M.M CheckBoxList association, option to show it on grid or not in Turanto.
  • Bug Fix: date time format (12 hours/24 hours) was not retained when model is imported
Turanto 13.0.9 March 15, 2018Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Bug Fix: Save and Add Another button on full page was not functioning properly. The issue is now resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Unique dropdown validation message was not showing proper result. The issue is now resolved.
  • Bug Fix: In admin section, default page for entity was having issues in in-built pages. The issue is now resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Some theme related issues.
  • Bug Fix: Some bug fixes related to email.
Turanto App-Generator
  • New Feature: Subsystem – Turanto will provide an option to select inbuilt subsystem to include in model. It will generate some custom pages which can be used and set as default page for entity from admin section of generated application. Turanto will generated default pages along with custom pages so user has option to use anything. For now only one model ‘Shopping Cart’ is added as subsystem in Turanto. Turanto admin can select  a good model and define its category for subsystem.
  • New Feature: Theme selection – Select theme for generated application before launch. Currently two options are available ‘Default’ (old theme and layout), and ‘Modern 1’ which is similar to Inspinia like theme. Generated application UI will be based on Theme selection. Both the themes will have options in generated app to change color scheme (previously it was called as theme). New theme has four color schemes.
Turanto 13.0.7Feburary 26, 2018Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Bug Fix: Image to gallery error in details/edit page. The issue is now resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Excel like currency symbol from Turanto for currency data type was having some issues. They are now resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Data-type input control was not readonly when derived property (with reference) was readonly.
Turanto App-Generator
  • New Feature: Launch queue feature. One application will be launched at a time, Launch page will show number of apps before and after the app in queue. Page will automatically change the launch status and message. The queue will show the waiting number and you will be redirected to application login page on launch. In case of error, log will be displayed.
Turanto 13.0.6February 16, 2018Turanto Gen-Apps
    • Bug Fix: Journal entry was experiencing issue due to multi-tenancy.
  • Bug Fix: The currency data type was showing some unexpected behavior.
Turanto 13.0.5 February 13, 2018Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Feature Enhancement: Multi-tenancy applied in change data entity. Performance is now improved and success message issue is resolved.
  • Feature Enhancement: Web API changes and enhancement for Angular
  • Bug Fix: Minor fixes related to Business rules, image-gallery, default property value, IE compatibility, Journal Entry, M:M association
Turanto App-Generator
  • Feature Enhancement: Excel like formatting to cover decimal value in Turanto with sample suggestions.
  • Bug Fix: Due to ’email type’ entity, application was failing to launch.
Turanto 13.0.4January 25, 2018Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Feature Enhancement: Web-API changes and enhancements
  • Bug Fixes: Email related bugs, modify faceted search, master-schedule/calendar
Turanto App-Generator
  • New Feature: Launch page has now option to generate Angular application (Angular app beta release)
  • New Feature: Users can download angular app code
  • Feature Enhancement: UI option show-seconds checkbox for date time property
  • Bug Fix: Launch error if property data type is changed that already has business rule defined on it.
Turanto 13.0.3January 19, 2018Turanto Gen-Apps
  • Feature Enhancement: Journal entry now shows system activity to users
  • Feature Enhancement: Minor UI improvement
  • Bug Fix: Email feature, code files, set default page for entity, calendar feature, calendar feature – time slot tab, clear filter, compile app without code prefix (special case), workflow
  • Bug Fix: Field level security issues for mandatory dropdown, change password message was not showing correct value
  • Bug Fix: In Business rule’s action – set value, users were not able to set long text with comma in it
  • Bug Fix: Quick edit was reseting search and sorting of grid.
  • Bug Fix: In master schedule and time slot, hand pointer only shows when there is something to click on
  • Bug Fix: Form scrolling issue in long forms when mandatory field is not filled and user clicks on save button
  • Bug Fix: Multi-tenancy issue in incognito window
  • Bug Fix: Master schedule and calendar were showing dropdowns even when the user did not have permissions to view.
  • Bug Fix: Field level security was not configured when the role permissions were set using template
  • Bug Fix: Field level security was not configured in tenant admin role when the role permissions were set using tenant template
  • Bug Fix: In Faceted Search, clear button was creating issues in values of dropdowns
  • Bug Fix: Quick add button was visible without permission
Turanto App-Generator
  • New Feature: File name can be set as ‘Display Value’
  • Feature Enhancement: New code fragment for home page (SetViewBag)
  • Feature Enhancement: New functionality to download code fragment with source code
  • Feature Enhancement: Provided functionality to select/deselect all code files on launch page
  • Feature Enhancement: Slight improvement in UI, spelling mistakes corrected
  • Feature Enhancement: If two entities have multiple associations, than it was difficult to identify association (for ignoring)
  • Feature Enhancement: Added a validation rule of “Numeric only (0-9)” for string type
  • Feature Enhancement: Added a validation rule “regular expression”
  • Bug Fix: Derived property with decimal was crashing the application on launch
  • Bug Fix: Making a derived property of mandatory field to  DateTime(DateBox, TImeBox, TimeOnlyBox) and NextSourceDerivedProperty  with   “PropertyWithReference “  giving launching error
Turanto 13.0.2January 2, 2018Turanto Gen-Apps
  • New Feature: Email screen is now associated with entity. You can configure different entities with email and create new records in an entity directly from email screen. You can assign email to the records, attach record documents to email and send/receive email like normal email functionality.
  • Bug Fix: Role assignment issue due to admin role selection.
  • Bug Fix: In multi-tenancy, after role selection only concerned users should show. But when logged in user is assigned with multiple tenants, users of all roles were visible.
  • Bug Fix: Journal entry shows view list journals of all tenants when multi-tenancy is applied.
  • Bug Fix: Field level security issues.
  • Bug Fix: Faceted Search issues.
  • Bug Fix: Inline association issues. Quick add shows error if properties of inline association are not present in popup.
  • Bug Fix: Calculated properties issue, grid and detailed search, export excel was converting boolean checkboxes into dropdown in excel.
  • Bug Fix: Property enabled with Business rule as read only when deleted from model, application throws error on saving record.
  • Bug Fix: When user logs in “incognito” window, the facility is pre-picked, it only asks for role selection.
Turanto App-Generator
  • New Feature: Email is integrated with entities. Now you can tick the email checkbox and in generated application, the email screen will be associated with entity.
  • Bug Fix: Error in generating requirement documents.
  • Bug Fix: Error in import model if the application model is too big.
  • Improved launch performance.
  • Bug Fix: In multi-tenancy, if entity has too many associations, the screen do not show the association name and it is difficult to identify which association should be ignored.