Web Application Without Coding

Powerful Enterprise Business Automation Tool:

Android App Development Without Coding

Turanto makes it easy to create powerful enterprise business applications without any coding. If you’re looking for an easy way to build custom software using an online app maker, without learning complicated languages, then Turanto is for you. Turanto, the online app maker that lets you build web and mobile apps without code. Now, you can create your own custom enterprise software, through an online app maker without hiring developers or spending months of time on coding.

Turanto makes it easy to create powerful enterprise business applications without any coding. If you’re looking for an easy way to build custom software, without the need to learn complicated languages, then Turanto online app maker is there, for you. Turanto generates code from templates. You can convert those templates to create your own applications using the online app maker. In this way, you can create an entire suite of applications without any coding experience. You’ll need your email address to get started.

Web Application Without Coding

The Turanto online app maker solution for creating a software application without much coding experience can exactly be done with the platform. This will lead you to create your own web and mobile applications in minutes. Turanto opens a path on no code way to code your applications on the web and on mobile. you don’t need to learn how to code to build software applications. You just need a template and Turanto online app maker will generate the code for you.

No Code Android App Development

Turanto is a no code, low code way to build software for mobile and web apps. You can generate code from templates that they have, and it’s just an awesome way to create these things using an online app maker tool, without having any kind of coding skills whatsoever. On application point of view, it makes easy to build fully functional enterprise business applications without writing any code.

Advantages of Turanto App For Web, Mobile & Android (APK) :

Turanto can build data driven applications which can be deployed on cloud servers. The online app maker deployed platforms can be linked with active directory or Windows domain login within the Enterprise.

Turanto no – code applications follow all the Organization ‘s standards truly as

  • Proper user interface
  • Best coding practices
  • Flexible documentation templates
  • Easy to use deployment process
  • Customer satisfaction assured security compliance
  • Can import from any existing databases in any format to access data using a simple wizard
  • Created application can be modified as web application, mobile application, and android application (APK)
  • The launched applications are ready to use at any point of time
  • Turanto makes stakeholders to see working applications faster as per the requirements

Turanto Gen App Maker Online – Best Features:  

     No Code Low Code Software Development Solution – Turanto

  • Dashboard screen based generated applications
  • Users need to fill credentials in dashboard or upload files to it
  • User information and last login details are displayed on dashboard
  • Visible and hidden entities are in the property list
  • The graphs are automatically created based on the entity records.
  • Entity buttons are arranged as full add, quick add, bulk update, delete etc.
  • Files can be exported or imported in an Excel or CSV format
  • User can perform searches with the data such as Simple Search, Deep Search and Faceted Search
  • Bulk update and delete can be done at a same time with buttons
  • Records can be displayed in a Gallery View or List View
  • Multiple search quires with Entity edit page and Entity list page is possible
  • Users and Entity associations information’s can be displayed in a card format also

Admin Features of Turanto Online Maker :

  • An administrator application is working as Back-end panel or Admin panel or Control Panel
  • Turanto administrator interface can perform multi-tasking
  • Admin panel settings can manage company information easily
  • Turanto users can understand entities or properties for data caching
  • User performance or auditing can be done with add, update, delete actions with all audit logs
  • Turanto admin panel control feature can filter entity name, audit types and users

Template features with Turanto App :

Various Turanto online app maker templates are customized as per user requirement. Turanto application platform uses various developer tools such as .NET documentation, error logs and other domain related manuals. Turanto has customized home page templates with drag and drop widgets, changing the display name of entities and properties. Data type property validation is allowed through the e mail or phone number etc.

Unique Application Settings with Turanto :

  • Complete application configuration for any organization and all businesses
  • Notification for all entries is recorded by the system
  • Assigned business rules as per the conditions to be met for organizations
  • User activity logs are available for performance and auditing
  • User permission panels are available to access authorized roles and permissions
  • User interface customization is available for training and documentation of administrative tasks for customers.
  • Advanced developer tools such as .NET documentation, error logs and other applications chart options in the admin panel with window pop up where user can perform edit and delete action.
  • Favorite page selection option is available with the dashboard
  • Application settings boards with Turanto online app maker are available with accounts, Leads, Campaigns, Potentials, Solutions and Purchase orders

Turanto No Code Low Code Property Verticals:

App Development Without Coding

Turanto online app maker solution is domain independent; any domain applications can be generated by subject matter experts. Some are listed below.

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Environmental
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Digitizing Processes

Future Technology Solution:

In Summary, turanto online app maker mainly works with building web and mobile applications on a cloud platform. Turanto App has specific features such as built-in security, easy business workflow, auditing, and journaling at different business instances. The no code app maker is not case sensitive. It creates enterprise applications, with Gen app dashboards. Gen app no code applications can be divided into Grid Page, Detail Page, Edit Page as user features and real time reports. Different types of searches (query-based search; faceted search) can be done on entity grid pages.