App development now became, easier with Turanto ‘s drag and drop pre-coded low code platform, as a service application module that helps you to build, lightweight low coded, fast web and mobile applications, as per your budget. Turanto low code platform creates enterprise web applications, within the minimum or no coding usage. This helps businesses to reduce development time, brings down the skill development gap and achieve self-software service application development for business users.

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This is done by developing an application by creating a template. A template is a customizable prebuilt application. A Low-code development platform is a software offering an environment for building application software via configuration and graphical user interfaces rather than conventional computer programming, coded manually. A low-code model allows developers of various experience levels to develop applications with model-driven logic combined with a visual user interface.

Such platforms can produce applications that are entirely operational or need extra coding for situations. These low-code platforms for development decrease conventional hand-coding, making way for high-speed delivery of business apps. One of the benefits of low code is that several people can help develop the application and not just certified and skilled programmers. LCDPs can also reduce the establishment cost, deployment, and training.

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Turanto is an ultimate app creator using iOS and Android creating in the way you like to build an application with no coding knowledge. This will speed up your time to market the product or service, reduces the software development costs and allow common citizens to develop and build business applications. Hence low code applications platforms have become increasingly popular as a fast and easy alternative to traditional software development.

Low code tools simplify several stages of software development, such as debugging, testing and deployment. Also, low code development has the facility to revert to earlier 4 versions of applications in the cross-platform accessibility management. Modern low code solutions, not only develop the apps, but helps organizations, to teach how to use the platform. Many self-designed low code applications are used to resolve various business tasks, such as lead tracking, customer support solutions and business process development.

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Turanto ‘s low code generated CRM uses UI, data model and business logic web and mobile solutions.

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