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Organizations now adopt for enterprise app development programs with workflow software applications. These no code solutions are used widely in IT parks, business strategic operations, government strategic planning etc.

empower people with a modicum of tech savvy and knowledge of how business processes work with the ability to create complex workflows and business apps that can solve real-world problems at scale.

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Irrespective of size and industry, our organizations need to be continuously transformed and survive for evolving business needs.  Low-code software development can therefore be a serious accelerator, driving the digital transformation of your organization!  Low-code development platforms employ visual, declarative techniques that make it possible to develop software model-based, rather than the traditional writing of software code.

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Low Code Software Development Platform

Low Code No Code can be act as a catalyst for digital transformations for enterprise businesses. The whole process includes transforming business and organizational activities, processes, business models, peoples etc. to a digital platform. The multiple low code no code applications are interoperable, flexible, and easy to integrate.

Turanto generated apps can efficiently manage major or minor errors happening to the database using error logging modules and handlers ( ELMAH ). ELMAH tool is a simple method to debug runtime errors in all your applications.

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Turanto Business Scenario:    

  • Turanto drag and drop platform can arrange and maintain different entity databases as per your given inputs to the system
  • Turanto can operate from multiple locations in a city or across all geographies
  • On launching an application, turanto will generate application code on single click and will deploy it on the servers as well
  • All the entity changes are reflected in the journal entries.
  • Turanto generated app has the notification feature by which application user can send email, system, and user generated notifications to the other application users.
  • Turanto generated app has the document template feature which can be used to create reports using mail merge word document.

Turanto Business Metrics:

Low Code Application Development
  • Turanto is a business app platform, where various business domain verticals can run under a unique development tool
  • The key audiences of Turanto apps are various businesses, Investors, Customers and Software skill employees such as executives and middle managers
  • Business performance metrics includes specific monitored metrices such as Social media, Campaigns, Program Statistics, Sales team performance monitoring, Leads and Financial metrices
  • Turanto ‘s app metrics dashboard is easy to integrate and user friendly, to be used with anyone who can build metrics

In today’s fast changing environment, customers are better informed, better connected and more demanding than ever before.  Irrespective of the size and industry you are in, your organization needs to continuously transform to survive in the evolving and demanding business environments.

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