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Low code No code applications are becoming a high-end modern technology, and hugely involving in digital workplace. The rise of low code platforms boosts the growth of business technologies who can overcome the capabilities of many IT departments. The need for low code no code solution arises when, skill shortage in the technology for applications and interactive platform development.

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  • In organizations that use low code, more than half (56%) of employees are now using apps built on low-code platforms.
  • Two out of five low-code users reported more collaboration, faster development, and lower costs – and that low-code projects reduce costs by 53% and happen 56% faster.
  • Low-code solutions are becoming central to business operations. Among those using low code, 33% have used it to build mission-critical apps.
  • Software developers acknowledge and welcome its flexibility, saying that half of their everyday development work (51%) could be done on a low-code platform.
  • Many organizations adopting low code no code platforms because, of is moderate cost and reduced technical barriers for the entry

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The changing market needs compels enterprises and industries for accelerated business transformation. This includes as par with the competition, to build faster digital applications and improve the existing ones with minimum cost. The eye-catching points by which low code applications are attracted by many industries are faster going to market, increased customer satisfaction, reduced IT infrastructure pricing and efficient application IT governance.

By the year of 2024, 65 % of app development functions will substitute no code low code technology and 66 % of top companies will use minimum four low code tools or platforms. No code development platforms automate most of the digital processes using cloud based mobile apps. It is mostly used by enterprise IT and Non-IT developer teams.

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No Code Web Application Development

No Code is a new application platform that provides a huge variety of services that can be used to create business applications and web-based solutions. It consists of a broad range of package that can be easily downloaded, installed, and configured for the purpose of your project. The No Code Application Platforms can be used to run your projects and applications without the need of any complicated coding knowledge.

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No Code Low Code Development

Turanto platform is a web application that allows users to design screens by drag and drop functionality based on which database is created automatically and generated application can be hosted on Microsoft Azure or AWS server. Additionally, Turanto supports REST API functionality which will invoke the web services and make a connection with other application created on oracle, SAP etc. easily. 

According to analysts, the usage of no-code tools may put IT in a more governance-centric and supervisory role rather than dynamic software programming and debugging. The potential benefit of utilizing a No Code Development Platform tool is that with web access and practical business intelligence one can become an application developer without software coding background.

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Low Code Software Development Platform

Hence no code platforms letting users to create reliable apps and solutions easily. Hence no code team is building tailored digital solutions in accordance with your specific requirements.

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