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Turanto is a cloud software start-up, that develops a complete software platform for businesses to manage all their business data. This approach is because all companies need to store an enormous amount of data. We have developed an API-based platform with which all business processes can be managed easily.

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Best App Maker Without Coding

No code application platform is a cheaper and easiest platform, for better performance, consistent look and feel and providing immediate access to new features. No code workflow platforms deliver the ability to create new apps and workflows, manage and modify them at will, within a secure IT-sanctioned ecosystem equipped with business tools, such as visual workflow designers, drag-and-drop form builders and more.

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Low Code App Platforms

Once deployed, users have access to a secure environment within which they can create customized applications to solve the issue which their teams and departments face. This goes beyond mere replication of existing workflows on a whiteboard as part of some discovery process prior to engaging a dev team to give it life in an application. Workflow is managed using business rules.

No-code development is a unique approach to software development that enables digital transformation in organizations of all sizes. In layman’s terms, no-code development is the process of developing apps without writing any code. No-code development should not be confused with low-code development, which requires some amount of coding. Traditional developers use low-code platforms to simplify and expedite coding, while non-technical professionals use no-code platforms to build applications without writing any code.

With a no-code platform, it’s possible to build a communications element directly into your apps. For example, you can create certain forms that automatically send out emails or SMS notifications when they are completed. This is especially useful in an environment like aerospace engineering where non-conformance reports must be checked off and closed before projects can be completed.

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Best No Code Development Platform

These platforms are simple and declarative in nature so that anyone who knows how to operate software can build apps. Also, app creation varies in level of complexity. Some training may be needed for advanced projects; however, no-code platforms do not require much time or expertise to get started. As much as 80 percent of business productivity apps can be created using no-code platforms.

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