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Release notes 2019 contains documents for each Turanto release, which has new enhancements, features and improvements and bugs fixes for both, Turanto and Turanto generated application. This also contains technical change summary through VSTS, along with summary chart and all user stories numbers. Click the relevant release note and the same will open in new […]

Turanto 13.3.4  Dec 03, 2018 Turanto App-Generator: Enhancements / Bug Fixes Add search features and Bulk option on Change Data entity grid. Enable transfer of business rules across all deployments. Import/ Export JSON file. Turanto Gen-Apps: Enhancements / Bug Fixes Quick Add Issue for inline association and 1.1 association (if attached to multiple entities and […]

A role is a security principle that allows a group of people to access the application. Role consists the group of permissions to be given to a user. The roles restrict the access of application (CRUD rights) constrained to the set of permissions assigned to it. Figure: Role list in application Create Role It opens […]

Release Version Date Updates Turanto 12.9.9 (Current Version) December 11, 2017 Turanto App-Generator Bug Fix: Code download error resolved. Bug Fix: Multi-tenancy had some errors related to M:M association, change in multi-tenancy crashed applications etc. Turanto 12.9.8 December 5, 2017 Turanto Gen-Apps New Feature: Cloud icon to sync JSON data with entities. Feature Update: Now […]

Release Version Date Updates Turanto 12.6.3 (Current Release) September 12, 2016 Turanto Gen-Apps New Feature: Multiple Tenant Security option- the records of main entity are visible on login page New Feature: Login in multiple tabs. Application will ask to first log off or continue with same authentication New Feature: Filter conditions in faceted search similar […]

Release Version Date Updates Turanto 12.3.3 December 15, 2015 Turanto Gen-Apps Dashboard for interactive home page. Quick edit feature on list page of entity Default entities on role-permission page are moved to bottom. Bug fixes related to calculated property, multi line text box, threshold feature, accordion collapse button, group tab, many to many association Turanto […]

Release Version Date Updates Turanto 6.4   February 12, 2014 Turanto Web Enhancement Facade Search (Beta Release): Now User can select facade search for an entity. By default icon is not selected. Selecting icon will enable facade search on generated application. Generated Web Enhancement & Features Wizard: Color Indicator in wizard is working for all conditions […]

Release Version Date Updates Turanto 6.2 December 24, 2013 Generated Web Enhancement & Features Information about Version and other details: Click on “About Application” of Generated Application in Admin Section to get following information: Turanto version used to launch the application. Who generated the application? When the application last generated. Code cleanup Import model change […]

Cloud applications are profitable in case where the same resource or an application is required at different places at a particular time. For example, a banking application eases your access to your account from anywhere. Similar standard applications like email services, social networking applications keeps you in picture from wherever you are. The applications now-a-days […]

By Implementing new techniques for standard programming, now Turanto is a great experience for users. Our developers focus on how to make Turanto more reliable. As on comparison with Salesforce which is market a leader in various aspects, Turanto is not behind as well. Consistent development for automatic tools to reduce human intervention. For global […]

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